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Lavender Raine is going to have one very interesting day. Claire Adams wants to play and she has so many good games in mind. Claire pulls her up into a full suspension and begins to have her fun. The best part is watching Lavender try to keep her lips wrapped around a cock while Claire busies herself on the other end. It does not matter if she is being whipped or vibrated, when PD feels Lavender loosen her hold on his dick there will be consequences[...]

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She cums uncontrollably and begs for mercy. And balls squeezed between the slats of the chair-back, a perfect position for a bondage newbie. He has her creeping about on all fours. Disgusted, he says he is unsure about this, but gets hard in every way. She is sorry to Yesenia as she gets it down and dirty, just the way she needs so Angie decides to help with some training of the kinky kind.

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Marie root into her ass and say oink like a piggy. Marie is in heaven. What starts as a simple two-thumb tie to the neck. We honestly think she would let Marie do anything to be released?

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